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The Mortgage Process

Mortgage Approval

  1. Take a few minutes to browse through our site.
  2. Having established your borrowing and repayment capacity, complete the online application form or call us for approval in principle.
  3. Assemble the documentation you will need to obtain formal approval i.e P60 forms, Mortgage Statements, Loan Statements, Payslips, ID etc.
  4. Together we will arrange completion of any additional documentation you may require.
  5. Buying your House

  6. Identify the property you wish to purchase.
  7. If the house is second-hand arrange for a qualified surveyor to carry our structural survey.
  8. Pay a booking deposit if required.
  9. Contact us to arrange property valuation..
  10. After Approval

  11. Appoint a solicitor to act for you.
  12. Following Lender's satisfaction with the valuation report an offer letter will be issued to you through your solicitor for signing and return to the lender.
  13. Contracts for sale will issue from the seller to your solicitor.
  14. Arrange house and mortgage protection insurance policies.
  15. Sign contracts and pay the deposit (normally 10% of purchase price).
  16. Your solicitor will complete matters required by the lender and arrange a closing date.
  17. Mortgage Company issues loan cheque for closing of sale.
  18. Move in and enjoy a bottle of champagne compliments of Financeirl.ie!




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