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Equipment Sellers Programmes

We Help you Sell More!

When you offer leasing to your customers, your sales increase.

Whether you are an Equipment Manufacturer, Dealer, or Distributor, we can help you generate and close more sales by offering leasing to your customers. Finance Company Of Ireland acts as your company's backroom finance department — giving you all the benefits of leasing without any of the costs of running a department. With the 2008 credit crunch many of your customers will be delighted that you can offer them new sources of finance for their equipment purchaes

Old-Fashioned Service

Why lease with Finance Company of Ireland?

Focused Service

Our dedicated and experienced professionals are there to assist you and your customers throughout the entire sales cycle. In addition, you'll receive quick answers on credit approvals.

Sales Finance Training

Our experienced sales representatives can train your sales force in the fundamentals of lease financing allowing you to be more responsive to your customers.

Marketing Materials

We can develop joint marketing materials or provide you with our own collateral brochures that should facilitate closing sales faster.

Trade Show Support

In addition to providing marketing materials, our leasing professionals will assist you on-site to discuss leasing options with your prospects and address their concerns.

Improved Customer Retention

Easy upgrade or add-on options will build customer loyalty and increase repeat business among your current customers.

Competitive Rates

Our competitive rates often undercut the competition thereby increasing your sales.

Your Finance

We can advance payments quicker than other financing alternatives so you get paid faster.

Flexible Structures

Our ability to design customized lease structures will enable you to meet and exceed your customers' expectations better than the competition.

Online Simplicity

Finance Company of Ireland's lease quoting solution allows effortless customization from your Web site. Using this tool will increase sales, open new opportunities, and build stronger relationships with your business partners.

From basic online lease applications to a comprehensive online lease processing system, we tailor solutions to meet your unique product and channel requirements.

If you want to maximize your sales why not use us !

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